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LED Torch - Laser Engraving

Now, we offer Custom Laser Engraving for those who want to personalize their torches or give them as Corporate Gifts, Collectibles or Keepsakes.

Also, you can make a great impression by having our professional team, custom engrave any artwork or company logo on our flashlights for the perfect corporate gifts, fraternity or sorority keepsakes and more..

These are the sample pictures which represents as to how the torch looks like after the company name/personal name is printed on it.

Because Britelite Torches represent solid workmanship and quality, they make excellent gifts at a reasonable price. By custom engraving, the gift-giver is putting forth that personal touch that say It's Special.

We charge a nominal fee for laser printing. Orders can be placed on-line via email or by telephone.

To get your torch laser engraved, please call on +91-9849000777 or email us at sales@brtradelinks.com. We will be more than happy to assist

Click on the Torch name or the "view more" link to view torch images and detailed description.
Torch Name Weight Length Lamp Battery Type Run time
Britelite Elfin LED Torch (View details) 70 grams 5.6 Inches 1W LED 1*AA Ni-Cad 700mAH 60 min.
Britelite Wazp LED Torch (View details) 110 grams 8 Inches 3W LED 2*AA Ni-Cad 700mAH 70 min.
Britelite Merqry LED Torch (View details) 160 grams 8.2 Inches 3W LED 2*SC Ni-Cad 1900mAH 90 min.
Britelite Spiker LED Torch (View details) 190 grams 10.2 Inches 3W LED 4*4/5sc Ni-Cad 1300mAH 150 min.
Britelite Kamper LED Torch (View details) 220 grams 9.2 Inches 3W LED 3*4/5sc Ni-Cad 1300mAH 120 min.
Britelite Dream LED Torch (View details) 150 grams 7.5 Inches 3W LED 3.7V, 2.2AH Lithium-ion 210 min.
Britelite Ezkort LED Torch (View details) 320 grams 10.5 Inches 3W LED 2*D Ni-cad 5000mAH 240 min.
Britelite Camelot LED Torch (View details) 300 grams 11.8 Inches 3W LED 3*C/Ni-Cad 2800mAH 300 min.
Britelite Challenge LED Torch (View details) 550 grams 13.5 Inches 3W LED 3*D Ni-cad 5000mAH 600 min.
Britelite Beaver Buzzer LED Torch
(With Buzzer)    Buzzer Image (View details)
  10.2 Inches 3W LED 3.6V Ni-Cad 1300mAH 150 min.